The perfect opportunity for investors looking for holiday homes in Italy

It maybe sounds surprising, but Zell am See has more similarities with Italy then you would expect. Did you know that the small town has warm and sunny summers, that allow you to relax and swim at several beach clubs directly at the lake? And after sunbathing, in the late afternoon, you can go for a stroll on the boulevard, before you try one of our nice restaurants in the medieval center of Zell am See.

 If this is how you imagine your holidays to be, you might ask yourself: “Why not just invest in a property Italy?” That is a very fair question, and we will gladly explain why!


Why Zell am See can compete with Italy

Due to its beautiful location, stunning mountain scenery and of course lake Zell, Zell am See is one of the most special towns in Austria. Also, in comparison to Italy, for most European tourists it is easy to reach in a day trip by car, and if you prefer to fly, in less than one and a half hour you can reach Zell am See from Salzburg airport, which has a direct bus line and a train connection!

A big advantage for investors is the stable economic and political climate of Austria. This in combination with the popular winter AND summer seasons, offers property owners a nice and stable return. Also, the strong rise of the value of the properties we had over the last few years, is worth mentioning.   


Trustworthy Rental Companies

Don’t worry, if you are not nearby to look after your property, or if you prefer not to arrange your own bookings. There are more than enough trustworthy rental companies around, and they can take care of your apartment, reservations and guests. 

In addition to its location, attractive financial situation and trustworthy rental agencies, Zell am See also benefits from its hot summer days, but relatively cool nights. In fact, Austria is one of the warmest countries of Western Europe during summer!


Last but not least: our winters

Zell am See is widely known for its ski aera! With its superb snow and magical mountains, it is paradise for adventurists and passionate skiers and snowboarders. Just visit one of the several ski rentals or shops, get yourself a nice pair of ski’s and head up on to the next ski lift in the area. When on the lift, let the breath-taking views sink in and get ready for an unforgettable experience!


If this sounds interesting to you, visit our website, and check out one of our many properties in Zell am See!

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